Hi, I’m Ellen.

I love the life I’ve created for myself, based on the “if you continue to do what you love, you’ll end up somewhere you want to be” philosophy. I am passionate about purposefully creating a whole life that works for me, and creating it authentically. I appreciate genuine and authentic people, because that is who I strive to be.

I graduated in 2012 from Newman University, where I played college basketball and graduated with honors. Now? Many people love to hate the fact that I choose to bartend for the bulk of my “work” and income (you’ll see recipes and metaphors galore sprinkled throughout my blog). But in a world that never stops, I always learn something and I always hear something that resonates. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories, getting inspiration for adventures of my own, and having conversations that are usually very different from my perspective. My life is filled with other things: my girlfriend, puppies, volunteering, gardening, tasting every whiskey in this beautiful world, photographing the beauty around me, reading, hiking, traveling, dancing, writing, and asking a lot of questions.