img_5061Good ol’ Fox “news.” My morning drive last week was full of videos, podcasts, and various other audio clips of politics and other relativly newsworthy events. Like most Americans, I was curious about how the first Obama-Trump meeting would go, so I listened in. After the coverage, I was redirected to commentary about Trump and his to-be FLOTUS:

“Melania has the potential to be one of the most fascinating first women in history.”


“Well, she was a supermodel, for one.”

…And the conversation continued to derail from there.

I’ve been actively trying to leave all things politics out of my normal conversation, random questions, and Facebook posts, but the white-haired “newscaster” on the right of the screen is still making me furious. I don’t live in Phoenix, and I don’t know his name (although I half-heartedly tried looking him up before determining that I didn’t want to give someone who took so little effort in valuing women very much effort at all), but after viewing this video on YouTube, I still can’t stop fuming.

Can you see his female counterpart’s face in the still shot above? The “I-can’t-believe-you-are-speaking-so-ignorantly-and-masogynistically-and-actually-mean-it-you-fucktard” facial reaction is paired with kind and educated statements speaking to Melania’s potential for charitable actions and other legitimate achievements.

But she was shot down, because the male on the screen believes the only thing that can be “fascinating” about a woman is her appearance.

Insert face palm here.